Anonymous inquired:
Does is bother you when people ask you for advice? You seemed kinda annoyed.. just an observation xx

No way, In real life for sure I dig people reaching out for advice.. An observation you witnessed was merely online, to seek advice online I feel can be worrying if the advice seeker is easily swayed.. Some people these days have an internet self and the real self. You feel what I’m saying?

+1 month ago
Aloha! I was totally trying to avoid releasing the Shipwrecked set in collaboration with photographer Salleh sparrow but then she photoshopped a dragon on of the images and I couldn’t resist… 
Model - Natalie Phillips
Photog - Salleh sparrow 
Handmade outfit - Natalie Phillips
"Beauty is the strongest weapon is to inspire" - SunAllure
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Low tide mermaid treasures!
welcomehimeros-deactivated20140 inquired:
How do you wake up everyday and think it's going to be a beautiful one? I'm struggling to think that life is magical right now and it may be a stupid question to ask. I just see your blog and it gives me some sort of hope that i'll feel better about myself and life someday xo

My flower I also struggle, Im slowly learning that a lot of people are finding my presence quite inspiring or in one way or another connecting, I think it’s because you all see yourselves in me it’s just dusted over with labels and names that may seem to separate us. You have to learn to operate on a level where everything you encounter has a particular beauty about it.. Because in this world today there is a lot to be negative about I believe. You don’t have to forcefully pretend to be happy all the time as that just masks your emotions, just be strong in the situations that arise in your life. My life hasn’t been easy and I wouldn’t ask for an easy life as it’s made me who I am today and I’m still evolving xox

+1 month ago