Barefooted bohemian // Babes shooting in Brighton for Nostalgic feather Lookbook!
vannylove1 inquired:
I love your spirit! We need more people like you on this earth! Have a wonderful day flower child 💕

Crazy sweet lady such a beautiful thing to mail.. lots of love to you fairy!

+4 days ago
Evening world! Mm tribal jewels.. earlier this year
Photog - Salleh Sparrow
MUA - Alice taper 
Jewel - Liron Kliger 
Model - Natalie Phillips

Lophophora williamsii by Sébastien Delforge 
Peyote (Lophophora williamsii). Spineless cactus native to southwestern Texas and Mexico.
Aloha sunkissed souls! 
Image by de Sion
Model - Natalie Phillips
// Spanish Island
Anonymous inquired:
what do you think you would be doing if you weren't modelling? would you have a normal job? would you travel? study? do you think you could still hold the same beliefs that you do if you didn't have the freedom that modelling gives you, do you think that it would effect your spirit and your outlook toward life.. your general happiness?

Suuurrrprise! I do have a ‘normal’ job flower, I had 3 at one point including modelling… Modelling doesn’t give me freedom, I give me freedom.. What you do for a living shouldn’t validate the amount of freedom you have! If you feel your happiness, spirit and beliefs are affected by these worldly factors please shift your view. Happy days stranger from a fellow grafter!

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Salty vibes with beautiful people!
Model - Natalie Phillips 
Team // five.thirty