Hello lovers ➳ SALTY SUNKISSED // Dekker photography 
Model - Natalie Phillips

i want a love like this :D haha
Don’t resist or fight to attain external freedom before knowing who you truly are. Simply turn inwards, and know ever more deeply the freedom inherent in your own Being. Keep your eyes on the prize, the inextinguishable light that you are; let it give you strength and relax you, no matter what is happening on the outside. Separation will fall, chains will be broken, the powerful will become weak, and external freedom will arrive as spring follows winter, as exhalation follows inhalation. For darkness cannot survive your stunning light, and true freedom cannot ever be taken from you. Knowing who you are - this is spiritual victory!
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lielono inquired:
You are such a beautiful human being! I found you through instagram from my roomie and I love all your photos and after looking at your Tumblr I realized you seem to be a great person as well

<3 <3 Crazy sweeet

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 Radical rock vibes ••

Today was unpredictably perfect… slept in, worked on illustrations, drove out to a huge cactus garden during a hail storm, explored a deserted end-of-the-earth bayside town, collected so many urchins and, now, I’m off to draw some more, drink some spiced rum, and hopefully sit around a little fire in the backyard until late.
Thank you life.
"A mind with thoughts and ideas is like a search engine on a computer. But, You must type them in order to get results." - Eric Longoria
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